Center of Graduate, Research and New Programs


The Center of Graduate, Research and New Programs offered its first uniquely designed Blended Learning graduate program, Master of Arts in Nursing, in 2008, followed by the Master of Science in Radiologic Technology in 2014. The pressing need for a comprehensive and highly competitive nursing graduate program that is research-based, sensitive to the demands of the students without sacrificing academic standards were focused on three main Specialized Programs under the Master of Arts in Nursing; to wit; Major in Nursing Service Administration, Major in Public Health Service Administration and MAN Major in Mother and Child Nursing.  These are for nurses who are inclined to academic instructions of prospective nursing students and development of nursing leaders working in the varied health care settings. 

The specific objectives of the Center are as follows:

  1. to develop strong linkages, network and affiliation with research institutions, both general and profession-specific, building a culture of research within the College.

  2. to advocate lifelong learning, encouraging graduates to further professional development.

  3. to develop new and innovative academic programs duly accredited and industry-specific.

  4. to implement research-driven student and faculty development programs.

  5. to initiate collaborative researches in and among the allied health professions.

  6. to be the research arm of the City in terms of health.