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Center of Nursing

The Center of Nursing offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing, first in 2003, a program which addresses the demands of the global world for employment, in various ways. As it makes its graduates to be fully competent in delivering standard and quality nursing care, it also trains its students to be abreast and updated with the expanded nursing career roles such as nurse-entrepreneur, nurse-educator, and others. Caliber faculty members from the industry are also decked to mentor and educate students, inculcating theories, updates, and values. Affiliations include the city-managed Ospital ng Makati, as base hospital.

The specific objectives of the Center are as follows:

  1. to develop strong linkages, network, and affiliation with clinical institutions, catering the educational needs of the students.

  2. to integrate theory, research, and ethical principles in nursing practice to reflect excellence in the pursuit of knowledge and holistic approach in the care of the clientele.

  3. to make students fully cognizant of the legal bounds of sound nursing practice.

  4. to occupy in lifelong learning, and the career development of one’s self.

  5. to utilize research and evidence to assist in the practice and support of the nursing profession.

  6. to inculcate values formation to students and form well-rounded nursing graduates, anchored on the concept of care.